How It Works

Step One: Choose one of the three editing services listed below. Go to the linked page and fill out the order form!

Order the Micro Level Edit       Order the Macro Level Edit       Order the Micro/Macro Edit

Step Two: When I receive your order, I will send a confirmation e-mail in which I’ll request a Word document of your project and, if relevant, the rubric or assignment instructions.  

Step Three: Once I’ve received your documents, I’ll calculate two estimates: how much your project will cost in total and how long it will take me to finish editing. If you don’t like the estimated finish date, you can make it a rush order for an additional cost. (See the FAQ below for more information.)

Step Four: I’ll edit your project! When I’ve finished editing, I will send you your final bill. 

Step Five: Once you’ve paid at least half of the final bill, I’ll return your completed project document, along with an editorial letter and a link to my feedback form. 

Step Six: If you have any questions about the edits, please email me, and I’ll explain my reasoning. You can ask questions for up to two months after I return your completed project document. When your questions have been answered and you are satisfied, the rest of the bill will be due.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which service is best for my project?

The Micro Edit is my most popular service, perfect for any text, where I perform detailed copyediting. The Macro Edit provides developmental editing and is best suited for creative, story-centered works. The Micro/Macro Edit combines the two at a discount.

Are there any limits as to what you’ll edit?

My one request is that your project not include explicit sexual content. Other than that, I will edit whatever text you choose to send me–any kind, any content, any length!

Can I get an estimate for the final bill and finish date before ordering?

Yes! Email with either a 100-word sample (for pieces shorter than 3,000 words) or a 1,000-word sample (for pieces longer than 3,000 words) and the total word length of the project. I will then calculate the estimates. Note that these numbers are not final, though I will let you know if there’s an unexpected delay. Please also note that, if you order my services, the time spent calculating your estimate will be included in the final bill. If you are a new client, you can further request that I send you the edited sample so that you can evaluate my work before ordering.

How does a rush order work?

If you’re unhappy with your estimated finish date, you can choose a finish date yourself. On that date, I will send you your final bill. For each day you take off of the original estimate, you will be billed an extra $5. Please note that final bills are sent on Monday through Saturday, and your chosen finish date cannot be a Sunday.

How do you determine the final bill?

I charge a standard hourly rate ranging from $15-$30 an hour, depending on which service you choose. This means that the fewer edits I make, the less you have to pay! I track the hours using ManicTime, which records the programs, documents, and exact periods of my computer usage. Your final bill will reflect this time measurement down to the minute, as well as any rush order expenses.

How do I pay you?

I accept payment via Google Pay (preferred), PayPal, or TransferWise. When you order, you will choose which one of these payment methods you’d like to use. Once I’ve finished editing your project, I will email you your final bill and any information you need in order to pay. If you’d like to change your payment method at any point, please let me know!

What if I don’t like the edits I receive?

The edits I make should be seen as suggestions given by a professional. Whether or not you choose to take them is up to you! However, I will answer any questions you send me via email. I also accept feedback via this form. If you’re still unhappy with my work after I answer all of your questions, I will give your document another pass for free.

What’s your policy on privacy and intellectual property?

When I’ve returned your project, I may ask for your permission to use part of the marked-up document for my portfolio, to be shown to future clients or employers. The portfolio document will not include any of your identifying information. Additionally, your response to the final question on my feedback form may be used as a testimonial, which will include your first name only. Filling out the final question of the feedback form indicates permission for me to use your response.

Without your permission, I will not use your writing or personal details for any purpose other than completing your order. You retain all rights to your text. In order to ensure your privacy and intellectual rights, your project document, with the exception of portfolio samples, will be deleted from my files two months after I return it to you.