My Qualifications

In 2016, I received a Bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University – Idaho. In the course of that degree, I took classes on grammar, language, creative writing, literary analysis, and more. This prepared me for editorial work of all kinds. My education is supplemented by past freelance work as well as other job and volunteer positions where I performed writing and editing duties.

Are you a student with an essay that needs editing? I received high marks throughout my education, during which I wrote dozens of papers of my own. I also worked as a teacher’s assistant critiquing, conferencing about, and grading essays. I currently work as one of Scribbr‘s qualified English editors, where I edit essays and papers written in both U.S. and U.K. English. I have experience with MLA and APA style.

Are you a blogger with a post that needs perfecting? As a freelancer, I’ve worked on many pieces like yours, with topics ranging from fashion to business to technology. I’ve been a regular editor for five different blogs, one of which had an average viewership of 1,200 per post. Related experience comes from my past position as head copy editor of a university newspaper, where I became familiar with AP style.

Are you an author with a book that needs revising? I’ve edited four books so far, as well as many smaller projects, and I’ve been a beta reader for a handful of novelists. I was a founding member of Chapter One Events, which runs two annual conferences for young writers. I have a wealth of knowledge about fiction writing, editing, and publishing, and I’m familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style. Most importantly, I read 340 books a year on average, which gives me an exceptional understanding of storytelling.

Do you need it done quickly? My last clocked reading speed was approximately 900 words per minute, and my last clocked typing speed was 98 words per minutes.

You can see my portfolio here and read testimonials from past clients here. For more details about my qualifications, you can visit my LinkedIn page.

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