Important Website Update

For a few different reasons, I have decided to combine this editor website with my writer website. As such, in January 2021, this website’s new domain will be The information currently listed here will be found under the My Services tab on the combined website.

Please do change your bookmark accordingly! Thank you for all your support.

–Kira B. EditsProfessional editing to help you achieve a brighter future

One Year of Kira B. Edits

This business has now been open for a full year! I have to thank all of you for making it a success thus far. Over on my personal blog, I’ve written about what I learned in the first year of running my online editing business, so feel free to go give that a read, too!

Here’s to more work in the future.

–Kira B. EditsProfessional editing to help you achieve a brighter future

Announcing More Editing Options

In order to create more flexibility for those ordering my editing services, I’m changing my system. Micro Edit, Macro Edit, and Micro/Macro Edit are no longer the provided options. Instead, I will now offer the three main forms of editing–copy editing, line editing, and developmental editing–in a mix-and-match system.

In copy editing, I will correct details like spelling, grammar, and continuity. In line editing, I will revise on a sentence and paragraph level for organization, clarity, and flow. In developmental editing, I will provide feedback on how you can improve the overall story, looking at aspects like characterization, plotting, and world-building. As before, I will make these edits using Track Changes and Comments in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

When you order, you will be able to choose one or more of these editing types. If you choose a single editing type, I will charge you $15/hour. If you choose two different editing types, the price will be $20/hour. If you choose all three in a comprehensive edit, I will charge $23/hour. Please note that, due to the intensive nature of line editing, if you want that service, you must also pay for copy editing.

Thank you for your support. I hope these changes will be beneficial to you!

–Kira B. Edits: Professional editing to help you achieve a brighter future

Announcing Live Editing

After receiving some feedback, I’ve decided to offer a new option: live editing!

You can now order an edit via either Word document or Google Doc. If you choose Google Doc, you will have access to the document at all times, which means you can review and observe my edits whenever you want.

You will also have the option to schedule a live edit so that you can be present on the Google Doc at the exact time I edit your project. This allows you to monitor my work, learn from my example, or collaborate more extensively! Live edits will be scheduled between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. and cannot be done on a Sunday.

I hope you enjoy this live edit option! Don’t forget that the Opening Sale will last for almost two more months.

— Kira B. Edits: Professional editing to help you achieve a brighter future

Open for Business! & Opening Sale

Hello everyone! I’m here to announce that Kira B. Edits is open for business!

I’m a skilled freelance editor ready to elevate the quality of your writing. My specialties are essays, blog posts, and books (especially YA novels), but I’m willing to edit whatever text you choose to send me. My qualifications can be found on this page.

I currently offer three editing services: the Micro Level Edit, the Macro Level Edit, and the Micro/Macro Edit. These services go for a reasonable hourly rate ranging from $15-$23. For more information, see the How It Works page.

In honor of the business opening, I am also holding an Opening Sale! Starting today, January 14th, 2019, all of my services will be discounted by $5/hour. This sale will last for the first three months of business. That means if you order my services before April 14th, 2019, I will calculate your bill using an hourly rate that is $5 less than the stated price. This is definitely a bargain to take advantage of!

Go ahead and take a look around the website, and when you’re ready to order, fill out the form for the service you’ve chosen. Please note that sending in an order indicates agreement with the terms given on the How It Works page.

You can subscribe to future news posts by entering your email in the form on the left sidebar. If you’d like to get in touch with me elsewhere, I have public accounts on most social media websites as Kira Brighton (kirabauthor).

Thank you for your support!

— Kira B. Edits: Professional editing to help you achieve a brighter future