Announcing More Editing Options

In order to create more flexibility for those ordering my editing services, I’m changing my system. Micro Edit, Macro Edit, and Micro/Macro Edit are no longer the provided options. Instead, I will now offer the three main forms of editing–copy editing, line editing, and developmental editing–in a mix-and-match system.

In copy editing, I will correct details like spelling, grammar, and continuity. In line editing, I will revise on a sentence and paragraph level for organization, clarity, and flow. In developmental editing, I will provide feedback on how you can improve the overall story, looking at aspects like characterization, plotting, and world-building. As before, I will make these edits using Track Changes and Comments in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

When you order, you will be able to choose one or more of these editing types. If you choose a single editing type, I will charge you $15/hour. If you choose two different editing types, the price will be $20/hour. If you choose all three in a comprehensive edit, I will charge $25/hour.

Thank you for your support. I hope these changes will be beneficial to you!

–Kira B. Edits: Professional editing to help you achieve a brighter future